10-Year-Old Dies After a Stomachache. Parents Are Rocked When Doctors Tell Them She Was Sick Since Birth

Ten-year-old N’Kheyma King’s mother might describe her daughter as vivacious.

As N’Khenya King told WMC Action News 5, her daughter was an energetic little girl; sadly, her life was cut short without any warning.

“I can’t believe that my child was as happy and as healthy as she was and as active as she was, and was just up and moving and talking and now she’s not here at all,” she said.

As WMC reports, it all started when N’Kheyma began complaining of stomach pain.

At first, when N’Kheyma told her mother about the pain in early March, N’Khenya thought it was a typical stomach bug that passes around this time of year.

“I was doing the home remedies with the soup, the Pepto, the Pedialyte, things like that, hoping I was flushing it out…thinking it was a virus,” she explained.

However, days later when her daughter’s stomach pain hadn’t subsided and she developed a fever, N’Khenya took her to the emergency room.

As a GoFundMe page on behalf of the family explains, N’Kheyma was diagnosed with strep throat and given an antibiotic shot. Nya was told to keep on eye on her daughter over the next one to two days.

N’Khenya told WMC the doctors said her daughter would be back to her old self in no time.

“That didn’t happen,” she said.

Just hours later N’Kheyma’s condition worsened. Moaning on account of her pain, the GoFundMe page writes, N’Kheyma’s family called paramedics. She was intubated within minutes of arriving to the hospital.

That’s when her family was given the devastating news.

Her grandmother, Trayce Tate-Campbell, told WMC:

“ … I’m like, wait a minute. You said the baby had strep throat. What’s going on?”

N’Kheyma’s family learned she had an elevated white blood cell count and was diagnosed with Leukemia.

“When I heard the word Leukemia I was like, we don’t have cancer,” Tate-Campbell said.

The little girl also reportedly suffered from brain swelling and required immediate surgery. She was put on chemotherapy the same day and told she had a 60 percent chance of surviving. Sadly, just three days after her cancer diagnosis, she passed away.

According to WMC, doctors suspect N’Kheyma may have had Leukemia since birth.

The American Cancer Society states that Leukemia is the most common cancer in children and teens, accounting for one in every three cases of cancer.

For N’Khenya, the grieving mother is just trying to process it all:

“Just a lot of unanswered questions, just a lot of things I couldn’t get told and I couldn’t prepare for this,” she said.

WMC interviewed the heartbroken mother, whom they referred to as N’Khemya during the broadcast:

A funeral for N’Kheyma will be held on March 25. The family is collecting donations for funeral expenses on their GoFundMe page.

Credits: ijr