Toddler Answers Dads Most BURNING Questions In HILARIOUS Interview.

When loving dad La Guardia Cross set out to interview his 14-month-old daughter Amalah it’s just possible he thought he might get the upper hand.

Watch the hilarious video below:

Credits: Auntyacid

Sadly, as this latest instalment of La Guardia’s New Father Chronicles Youtube series makes plain, the adorable tot tied Pop in knots right from square one.

Despite posing a range of searching questions like ‘Why do you still refuse to sleep through the night?’ and ‘Why don’t you financially contribute to the family?’ La Guardia gets to the end of the interview none the wiser and no more likely to get a full night’s shut-eye.

A viral hit, after watching the hilarious Interview With A Toddler you’ll never listen to the happy babbling of a toddler the same again.