13 Weird Facts We Found Fun And Funny

I love me some new info, and with the internet at my fingertips, I’m able to find all sorts of weird junk out there.

So today, I figured we’d get our brains full of strange, mostly useless facts for fun’s sake! Check out these odd little tidbits and let us know in the comments any weird facts you’ve found out lately.

1. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the correct female equivalent for “dude” is actually “dudine.”

It’s more than just, like, my opinion, man. Now that an official dictionary has dropped that knowledge bomb, we can all stop using the word “dudette.”To be honest, I haven’t really heard anyone use “dudette” since the ’90s, but you know, good to make sure it stays unused.

2. Linkin Park and Blink-182 will briefly form a super duo called “Blinkin Park”

The two bands appeared in a video for Funny Or Die in order to promote an upcoming tour that features both. The tour is called “One More Light” because apparently Linkin Park still takes themselves seriously, somehow.

But if “Blinkin Park” can be a thing, then I’m stoked for Green Day to team up with Sum 41 to create “Sumday.”

3. The film Pearl Harbor cost as much as the actual rebuilding of Pearl Harbor and lasted an hour longer than the attack.

Michael Bay’s snore-fest period piece cost $140 million to produce. Even with that much money, Bay himself quit working on it several times because he felt constricted by the budget. He actually ended up taking a $4 million pay cut.

Thank goodness he did, lest the film be cut to a comfortable runtime for viewers, amirite?

4. “Anatidaephobia” is the fear that somewhere, somehow, a duck is watching you…

So, it’s not actually so much of a real word as it is basically a parody on the many possible phobias out there. Coined by cartoonist Gary Larson (ask your dad), this weird word made its way around the internet a while ago, causing all sorts of debates about its logistics.

At the very least, it’s probably a great conversation starter if you’re lost for words at a party.

5. A couple in Sweden were fined for naming their kid “Brfxxccxxmnpcccclll mmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116.”

According to the couple, the name is pronounced “Albin.” Well, sure, that would’ve been my first guess.

They never registered this unapproved name, and the fine remained even after the couple offered to name their child “A” instead. I guess the moral of the story is to not let your cat name your kid by walking on your keyboard.