13 Weird Facts We Found Fun And Funny

6. You probably won’t see white dog poop anymore.

I remember coming across those piles of ivory feces every now and then. See, not too long ago, dog food was made with a lot more meat and bones in it. These days, dogs rarely consume as much calcium as they did, which gave their poop that dusty, white color.

So if you want a nostalgia trip, you’ll have to throw a dog a bone, literally — although, I don’t know why that’s the nostalgia you’re looking for, but you do you.

7. Scientists are still searching for the “loneliest whale” in the world who has been singing to himself for over 20 years.

Back in the 1980s, some researchers began studying a unique whale song that was much higher pitched than any other.

They found that because its song was at so much higher than the others, the lady whales don’t even recognize it. Well, that’s the last time I sing any songs by The Weeknd at karaoke.

8. This is a pecan pie vending machine that actually exists!

This glorious machine is stocked daily and available 24/7 over in Cedar Creek, Texas. It’s owned by Berdoll Pecan Farm who decided to make this available because their pies were so popular. For me, that settles it: I have to move to Texas!

9. The word “goober” means peanut!

Surprisingly, this word is real and not made up by Gary Larson. I had always thought it was a light-hearted way of calling someone weird or even dumb.

Apparently, though, one of my favorite snacks is goober-butter, yum.