13 Weird Facts We Found Fun And Funny

10. Marilyn Monroe had an IQ of 163. Albert Einstein had an IQ of 160.

Now, this is all relative. Monroe didn’t do nearly as much for the advancement of theoretical physics as Einstein did, and IQ tests are kinda wonky for various reasons.

Still, it’s cool to know she wasn’t the stereotypical “ditzy blonde” that a lot of people made her out to be. There she is reading James Joyce’s Ulysses, which I can assure you is not a relaxing read.

11. Pineapples don’t grow on trees.

It could just be one of those things I never even considered, but I hadn’t imagined this. I always thought they’d grow on some kind of palm tree type thing.

Whatever the case, keep them off my pizza and we’ll be just fine.

12. Hippo milk is pink!

Again, it’s probably just not something I ever sat down and thought about. Apparently, this pink milk has about 500 calories in a single cup.

So throw out that protein powder and get yourself a carton of that hungry, hungry hippo milk!

13. And lastly, this:

I’m not gonna lie, I don’t have much of a source for this one. But it makes sense, right? When you consider the scale of our world, there’s gotta be more people interacting with donkeys than planes.

Be safe out there, soon it will be donkey season.

Credits: diply