14 Clever Tricks That Will Help You Save Your Clothes and Shoes

We often have to part with our favorite things due to damage or an untidy appearance. It’s much worse when this happens with very new items.

Bright Side decided to gather some proven tricks that can give your clothes and shoes a second chance.

Use a nail file to carefully clean suede shoes

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For this and other shoe cleaning tricks, tap here.

Window cleaner will make patent leather glossy again

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A mixture of salt, cold water, and ammonia will help you get rid of blood spots on clothing

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Add 2 tablespoons of salt or the same quantity of ammonia to a liter of cold water (it’s important).

To get rid of an unpleasant persistent smell, put your clothes in a ziplock bag and leave in a freezer overnight

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Other ways to get rid of unpleasant odors are described here.

A mixture of cold water and vinegar deals with spots on leather products

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