15 Scary Foods That You’ll Be Shocked They Even Exist. #8 EURGH

I have always been dubious of tinned foods. I once watched my friend devourer a tin of ‘All day breakfast’ and nearly threw up watching this happen. But during wars ect. they are necessary so I can’t hate them that much. Saying that the next 15 tinned foods actually want to make me hang myself in disgust. Would you attempt to eat any of these? And for how much?

1) Whole Chicken in a can. Why is it covered in jelly.


2) Tamales! I wasn’t sure what tamales were but I googled them and THATS NOT A TAMALE. 2


3) Wow. 3


4) And I just threw up in my mouth a little. 4


5) Horrific. 5


6) Rattlesnake. In a tin. Tastes like chicken, apparently. 6


7) Very beautiful packaging! 7


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