17 Children Who Took Things Way, Way Too Literally

Trying to get your kids to do something can be an uphill battle early on in life pretty much always. Either they’re not quite developed enough to fully understand the instructions, or they took them a little too literally. It can be a little frustrating at times, but sometimes it can also be downright comical.

Here are 17 kids who took things hilariously literally.

1. “I was fixing my computer when my son brought me his Sonic the Hedgehog teddy. When I asked him why he brought it over, he said it was to make my computer go faster.”

2. When it comes to modern art, I’m an adult who is still capable of making the same mistake this boy did.

3. When “Bring A Fish To School” day doesn’t go as planned.

4. This little girl’s got the cutest New Year’s Toast ever.

5. When Mom said to play with the dog, this isn’t quite what she imagined.

6. “This isn’t what I ordered.”

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