17 Crafty Cakes That Are Too Amazing To Eat

I don’t know about the rest of you but I know I have a sweet tooth.

I don’t have a sweet tooth for chocolate, brownies, sweets, or ice cream though. I only have a sweet tooth for cake. I love cake. If it was possible, I’d marry cake and I’d live happily ever after with my cake husband until, you know, I eat him.

Cakes are beautiful things, they’re the perfect way to celebrate special occasions, and they’re also the best way to start your day and your afternoon.

If I was in charge of the world, cake would be free for everyone, because no one should go without it.

But in all honesty, not all cakes are amazing.

There are some cakes which look like a heard of elephants have stamped on it, and then it’s been crumpled back together.

Seeing an ugly cake is always a distressing thing to see.

But sometimes you come across a cake so beautiful and so realistic, that it looks like the real deal. It’s too good to eat in all honesty!

Here are a few awesome cakes that are too good to eat!

Food For Thought

This cake is making me hungry. I wonder if it’s ramen flavored…

Taco Hell Yeah!

That taco cake is so realistic, even the ‘beef’ looks real!

Art Cake

I don’t think I’d be able to bring myself to eat that beautiful work of art.

Simpsons Cake

That doughnut cake is too good to eat!

Lord Of The Rings Cake

The one true ring looks really delicious… No one would mind if I ate it, right?

Real Fruit

This cake may look organic, but it’s 100% sugar and it’s also full of gluten.