17 Things That Make Us Love Our Grandparents

When you think of grandparent style, plastic furniture coverings, stale bridge mix, and mothballs are probably some of the first things that come to mind. But grandparents are actually some of the coolest people out there.

How could someone who keeps their teeth in a jar on the kitchen counter and wears adult diapers be cool, you might ask? Well, because someone who has no teeth or bladder control couldn’t care less about anyone thinks. They’ve seen it all, and at this point, they don’t have much to lose, so take note, because these grandparents know what’s up.

1. This original grampsta reppin’ O.G. life

viaInstagram / @therealalivingiano

2. How to keep your pants up and your hat on

We might call this a life hack, but he just calls it wisdom.
viaImgur / HungryorHorny

3. This grandma who isn’t about to let dentures stop her from enjoying her favorite treats

viareddit / arae00

4. His license got revoked, but he’s still traveling in style.

viareddit / SchruteFarms2

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