19 Reasons Why Dogs And Cats Are Very Different Animals

Cat lovers of the internet, forgive me.

Dogs are–and always will be–better than cats. They aren’t called human’s best friends for nothing. Throughout history, dogs have proved how awesome they are. From helping humans fight battles to loyally waiting at grave sites, dogs are amazing human companions.

Here are 20 reasons why dogs are better than cats.

Full disclosure: I always really love cats.

1. They are happy to accompany us on all of our family trips…

even when water is involved.
viareddit / u/LZSteelerz

2. They adore being tucked in…

and staying cozy with you all night long.

via All Made Up

3. They’ll run as fast as they possible can to greet you…

and look totally hilarious (and terrifying) while doing it.
viareddit / u/dewie68

4. Some dogs have floppy, furry ears that do crazy things.

Like this:

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