2 Questions That Can Be Answered Only By A Schizophrenic Or A Genius

The Answers: The first question asked you “does the mask have one side or two?” The correct answer to the question is that the mask only has one side to it.

The second question asked you “does the mask move in multiple directions or just one?” The correct answer is that it is only moving in one direction. The direction it is moving in is to the right.

If you got both questions wrong, don’t worry, you’re as healthy as ever. But if you found one of the questions extremely easy to figure out, you might want to contact a psychiatrist because your mind might be more advanced than you think.

The truth behind the brain of a normal individual is that it is easily susceptible to self-deception. It denies the relevance and evidence of things that are extremely important. Take both pictures for example; if you got both questions wrong it’s because your mind took into account the extra shadows and artificial forms. It does this so it can try and correct the picture. Even if we didn’t want to believe the illusion, a healthy and normal mind will fall into the trick most of the time.