20 Of The Funniest Notes From Moms And Dads

Parenting is no easy task.  It is not something we can even think about learning until it is upon us.  When the first child comes along, we basically learn from our mistakes, with lots of trials and tribulations along the way!  As the kids grow into teens and, hopefully, become more responsible, there comes a time when we are able to leave them on their own.  Leaving notes for them gives the parents peace of mind that all will be well at home – as long as the notes are clear and easy to understand!


1  I wouldn’t call this exactly threatening!



2  Dad left a confusing note on the fridge but I find my cat, as promised.caty


3  The Wifi Password for today


4  It worked!  We woke up at 10.05 am this morninglet

5  My dad spelling is atrocious so I reply accordingly


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