20 Thought-Provoking Photographs From Historical Archives You’ve Never Seen Before

A picture tells a thousand words, and there are some photos that you find yourself staring at for a long, long time. In particular, historical photographs tend to fascinate me the most, because they show a world I would otherwise have never seen for myself.

We recently came across these rare photos from historical archives and decided to share them with you.

1. The ocean liner S.S. Normandie tips over on February 9, 1942 at New York City’s Pier 88.


2. A 16-year-old Arnold Schwarzenegger flexes at his first bodybuilding competition.


3. Russian fishermen show off their impressive catch on the banks of the Volga river, 1924.


4. Surfers in 1922.


5. Young Inuit girl with her husky, 1949.


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