21 Call Center Horror Stories That’ll Give You Nightmares

“I knew he was pooping because he had me on speaker phone and I could hear every little plop.”

Buzzfeed recently asked their community to tell  their worst experience with working in a call center. Here are the results:

1. The man who lied about his son dying.

“I had another man tell me his child was dead so they wouldn’t have to continue paying on the student loan debt. When I then asked for a certified death certificate, he laughed, and said he was kidding. He proceeded to pay over the phone with a credit card in a very long, awkward silence.” -___-

Submitted by camillavilla

2. The cocaine incident.

“I work for an AT&T call center and I think the strangest call I had was from a woman whose boyfriend had kicked her out and suspended her phone line after he had already burned her belongings. All because she refused to let him use cocaine in the house…”

Submitted by ravengabriellel

3. The caller who was a little too candid.

“I once had a caller tell me ‘My period looks like ground beef and catsup. Will your vitamins help with that?’”

Submitted by katelynryanm

21 Call Center Horror Stories That'll Give You Nightmares
Fox / Via gph.is

4. The raging misogynist.

“Working in tech support I was walking a guy through how to reset his router and he became frustrated so he said ‘Listen sweetie, I know you’re trying, but why don’t you put a man on the phone who knows how to do this stuff.’”

Submitted by alexandradalmoro

5. The potential murderer.

“I work for DVDNow and I was making a first call to a customer. The name was female so when a man picked up I just expected it to be a classic wrong number conversation. Wrong. The man said, ‘Call this number again and I will fucking kill you.’”

Submitted by carlyh498ccf8d0

6. The man who thinks sex will solve all life’s problems.

“I sell cell phones to senior citizens — Yeah, the Jitterbug ones. I had a “gentlemen” call in asking if I can reduce his bill since he used way too many mins than allowed. I, of course, told him no and he kept insisting. Finally he gave up he then got quiet and said “get laid.” My response? “Yes sir, I will. Tonight. Unlike you. Have a fantastic evening.”

Submitted by j43695dc78

21 Call Center Horror Stories That'll Give You Nightmares
VH1 / Via gph.is

7. The lunatic.

“I was told ‘Shut the fuck up, I will blow up the building you work in, find your family and kill them all’ and then he proceeded to kindly ask to be removed from the calling list and told me to enjoy the rest of my evening.”

Submitted by cammieh2

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