Here Are 21 Of The Funniest Signs We’ve Ever Seen. #17 Cracked Me Up

Signs are kind of weird, when you think about it. They’re just about everywhere you look and humans have been using them for thousands of years. They date back to at least Ancient Egypt, possibly even earlier. A phrase sometimes used in advertising is, “a good wine needs no bush,” which is an incredibly old idiom (it was well-established by the time Shakespeare used it) dating back to the Roman Empire, when tavern owners would hang a sign out front with the image of a bush on it to indicate wine was available. The idea behind the phrase is that a quality product doesn’t need to be advertised.

These days, there are so many signs in the world that it’s basically impossible to know just how many there are. The U.S. government estimates that there are nearly a billion metal stop signs on roads across America. That’s just stop signs. Just in America. Is it any wonder that with possibly trillions of signs, there might be one or two that are hilarious, bizarre, illogical, or that just make you do a double-take? Here are some of our favorites.

1. Taxes is five letters. Tacos is five letters. Coincidence? Probably.

2. Science humor is the best humor.

3. I speak dog and this sign isn’t as funny as you think!

4. But the Browns don’t make breakfast, Chick-fil-A. Open up.

5. I know I should listen to Mom, but the name of this place makes me think I’m going to get attacked by a B-movie vampire.

6. Talk about adding insult to (literal) injury.

7. The question here is a pretty valid one.

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