15 Tricky Questions That Will Give Your Brain A Great Workout

5. This next tricky question is another example of the answer being simple and fairly obvious but only once you KNOW the answer. Really think logically about this one and you are sure to get it fairly quickly. What flies without wings and cries without eyes? Is it a bug? A plant? Keep thinking…alright here’s the answer. It’s a cloud!

6. If you’re known as that person in your friend group to know all these random facts, then I’m more than 99% sure you’ll know the answer to this question. Back in the day, tail docking was pretty popular in Europe, regardless what the dog breed was. Why exactly was that? If you haven’t gotten the slightest idea, take a guess. Was it because it was just a popular thing to do? Nope! It was because back in the day, dog owners were taxed based on the length of their dogs’ tails. So the less of a tail, the less you had to pay!

7. Okay, take a look at this photo. Here are six cups in front of you. Three out of the six are filled up. By touching just one glass, how can you make all of them alternate between full and empty? The image is meant to help you, or just make things even more confusing…either/or. But the answer isn’t as difficult as you may think. Ready for the answer? Essentially, you pour the juice from the second glass into the fifth one. Visualizing it helps understand it a little better