5 Doctors Stand Behind A Sheet, Then They Drop It And People Can’t Stop Laughing

If you’ve ever had the sensation of not being able to breathe or speak, there is a technical term for the scary experience. According to the Mayo Clinic, a short spasm of the vocal cords that momentarily makes it hard to speak or breathe is called a laryngospasm. A group of four certified registered nurse anesthetists decided to make light of such a funny name, and use it to dub their singing ensemble.

The group of men formed The Laryngospasms, a musical parody group. Attendees of the Minneapolis School of Anesthesia student Christmas party in 1990 were in for a treat, as The Laryngospasms geard up for a performance. The group of medical professionals, donned in their scrubs, take to their microphones to sing a parody version of Neil Sedaka’s popular song ‘Breaking Up Is Hard To Do.’ That’s when the sheet drops and the real show begins. However, the group puts their own spin on the hit song.

The parody version of the song came to light as one of the seniors noticed that Neil Sedaka’s song could be easily transformed into ‘Waking Up Is Hard To Do.’ In the video, Laryngospasms line up and get ready to perform the hilarious song, all while throwing in some added personality. Watch the video to see The Laryngospasms’ incredible performance!

Credits: lifeaspire