If You Do THIS For 6 Min Every Other Day For 1 Month You Will Get Rid Of Those Flabby Arms For Good!

Some people call them “BAT WINGS”…you know that loose skin that waves along with your hand when your hands are raised? That droopy, saggy skin makes us all self-conscious as we age, but you don’t have to learn to live with it! The video you are about to watch below is for you, if you want to learn how to tighten up that embarrassing loose skin, without having to go out and buy weights!

If your flabby arms are not just due to loose skin, but to overweight in general, certainly combining toning with
weight loss is the way to go. In between your targeting of the BAT WINGS, there are things TO DO or NOT AVOID
in day-to-day living.

DON’T AVOID YOUR BATHROOM SCALE when you are zoning in on an area to tone. You won’t be bulking up,
but you WILL be getting leaner and longer muscles, so BE REALISTIC in trying to maintain an approximate goal weight. When you GO SHOPPING, CARRY HEAVY BAGS YOURSELF, it will add to your toning efforts! As you will see in the footage below, you CAN USE WATER BOTTLES OR CANS in lieu of weights, or just do the toning without holding anything to get started. MODIFIED PUSH UPS can also be done on your ‘in-between days’ for ADDED TONING. If you CUT OUT JUNK FOOD, START MOVING and follow this 6-minute video EVERY OTHER DAY, you will start to see results WITHIN ONE MONTH!!

Credits: More Than Mrs. | Sun-gazing

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