8 Signs That You’re Eating Too Much Sugar

I know there are quite a few people out there who have a serious sweet tooth, especially when it comes to sugar filled treats!

I know I can’t go a day without snacking on chocolate or cookies! I just can’t help myself!

But it obviously goes without saying that too much sugar is bad for us.

Eating too much sugar could lead to some pretty horrible illnesses like diabetes!

But it’s often hard trying to figure out if your eating too many sweets, I mean, how is a girl to know if she’s eating too many chocolates?!

Well here are a few warning signs to look out for!

A constant craving for sugar.

The more sugar you eat on a daily basis, the more you’ll crave.

Sugar is highly addictive and it gives a temporary high that’s soon followed by a crash. This triggers the body to want more.

Eating an excessive amount of sugar leads to cravings but it also cause our taste buds to adapt to the amount you’re consuming. Meaning we will be left needing more to get the same taste.

Feeling sluggish.

If you notice that you continually feel tired and have a lack of energy, there’s a good chance it has something to do with your sugar intake.

Energy stability has a lot to do with blood sugar and consuming too much sugar will send you on a blood sugar on a roller coaster ride!

It’s important to maintain a stable blood sugar because high blood sugar can be very dangerous to your health.

Skin breaking out.

Acne can be related to your sugar intake. Break outs tend to happen after a high intake of sugar. It only takes a few days for that sugar binge to show up on your face.

Weight gain.

Sugar is has no protein or fiber, which means it won’t fill you up. The more sugar you intake, the more calories you’re eating.

A high calorie intake can contribute to weight gain.

A bad attitude.

Not only can excessive sugar intake take a toll on your physical health, but it can also reek havoc on your mental health. When you consume too much sugar, you might begin to notice that you’re much moodier than usual.

When you experience a sugar crash you’ll experience mood swings and irritability. These extreme changes in blood sugar levels can also make the symptoms worse for people who suffer from anxiety.


Did you leave your last dentist appointment with more cavities than usual?

Then it might be time to start cutting back on the sugar.

Foggy brain, especially after meals.

Brain fog is one of the most common symptoms of low blood sugar.

Excessive consumption of sugar tends to lead to accelerated rises and falls of blood sugar levels. Poor control of blood sugar levels raises the risk of cognitive issues and impairment.

Nothing’s sweet enough anymore.

Sugar overkill prompts your taste bud build a tolerance for the sweet stuff, meaning you’ll have to eat sweeter and sweeter foods to have some sort of satisfaction.

Feeling the need to consume more and more sugar is obviously problem for your health.

However this can be reversed. By cutting back on sugar you’ll eventually lower your tolerance and you’ll be satisfied with less.

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Credits: Auntyacid