90 Seconds Into Singing ‘The Prayer’, Man’s Voice Suddenly Changes And It’s Going Viral

“The Prayer” is a song that’s hard enough to cover with a man and a woman vocalist, but Marcelito Pomoy is able to sing both sides perfectly all by himself. Marcelito is one of the few musicians who can sing both tenor and soprano pieces – and he demonstrates that with this incredible performance of “The Prayer.”

Despite his success now, Marcelito’s early years weren’t easy. When he was a child, he no longer was able to live with his parents. After struggling to provide for himself and his little sister, they were both adopted by a local police officer and given the opportunity to thrive! It wasn’t until Marcelito was much older that he discovered the talent to sing both the high and low pitches in a song.

After figuring out his stunning vocal talent, Marcelito tried out for Pilipinas Got Talent and made it onto the show! This was the big break he desperately needed. Soon his music career took off and he even had the chance reunite with his biological mother and father. Two successful albums later, Marcelito is a world-renowned artist and has a life most would dream of. Listen to his incredibly unique performance of “The Prayer” for yourself by pressing “play” on the video below.

Credits: Faithtap