A Marine Expected To Be Greeted By His Wheelchair-Bound Son, But Watch What Happens

For those serving in the forces, there’s nothing they long for more when overseas than to be together with those they love. As the days pass, and beloved comrades fall in battle, it’s that much harder to endure knowing your own life is as risk. And knowing there’s a family waiting at home desperately hoping that you make it back in one piece.

In this touching story, a marine who’s a father left to fight overseas and left behind his six-year-old son, Michael who was wheelchair bound. Michael has cerebral palsy, and is unable to walk on his own. What’s even worse is doctors sentenced him to life in a wheelchair. He’d never walk, or do much else on his own… so they said. But like his dad, Michael is a fighter. While his dad was away, he achieved what was told to him would be the undo-able.

The family kept this awesome feat a secret the whole time while Dad was away. Now, watch what happens with this proud father makes it back home safely to his family and see his brave son walk for the first time.

Credits: CNN | Damn

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