After He Pours This On His Car – He Pushes In The Side And Creates A Stunning Result

If you’ve ever gotten a dent in your car, you know how much it can cost to get fixed. Sometimes, however, there are useful tricks that can help save a lot of money.

To get rid of his dent, this young man has boiled a pot of water. He pours it directly onto the dent in the front of his car. Slowly, he covers the dent in his bumper with the boiling water, being careful to avoid any splashes or steam. Then he starts to take short breaks, but keeps pouring the water until it’s all used up. Setting the pot aside, he reaches inside his car, still avoiding the water on the ground that is probably still hot. With just a few pushes, he pops the dent back out. Those standing nearby exclaim in surprise, the car looks as good as new. This could be a great idea to try out the next time your car has been dented.

Credits: Faithtap