An Officer Goes Into A Hot Car And Starts Recording. Minutes Later, I’m In Complete Shock

We’ve all seen it before. A pet or a child left inside a vehicle with the windows up.

It’s infuriating to see and the fact is that dozens of children die every year in the U.S. because of being left inside a car in warm temperatures. Often times people use the excuse that they are just running in the store to grab something quick. That’s totally unacceptable as you will see why in this video.

This officer has heard the excuses and his department is likely fed up with the disconnect that people have in realizing how dangerous this situation is. So what does he do? He sits in a car in warm temperature weather with the windows rolled up and demonstrates how a grown man can suffer from being put in this situation. The temp rose from 96 degrees all the way to 177 in only 25 minutes!

Now imagine if this was a poor little child or defenseless animal. There’s no excuse for this and it is sad when a grown adult has to suffer through a demonstration like this just because people choose to remain ignorant, and continue to give lame and unacceptable excuses. Do not leave pets or children in a car, even if you crack the window, as it will still be too hot. If you see this situation, be sure to call 911.

Check out what happens to this cop under these conditions, and be sure to share this important message with friends and family.

Credits: Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office | Damn