An Angry Mom Accidentally Texts The Wrong Number And Things Escalate Very Quickly

I don’t know about you but usually, whenever someone sends a text to the wrong person it usually ends up with them soon realizing their mistake and moving on from the conversation and never speaking to said person ever again.

But unfortunately, this was not the case.

One mom refused to believe that she had texted the wrong number. In reality, her 18-year-old daughter was actually a 35-year-old from Wisconsin.

Things soon escalated when the man decided to troll the angry mom.

This text conversation is so awkward and cringeworthy, but it’s completely hilarious!

A 35-year-old man from Wisconsin recently uploaded a series of screenshots onto Imgur under the name of velakskin.

The screen shots showed the hilarious conversation between himself and a very angry and unimpressed mother in need of groceries.

The 35-year-old man was enjoying his day off from work with his wife when he suddenly received a text from an unknown number.

“Hunny please grab milk and lunch meet on your way home.”

Obviously, the text wasn’t meant for him.

This is where the hilarity soon started.

When he informed the sender she had the wrong number, however, the angry mom didn’t believe it and slowly got agitated as a result.

Despite his attempts to make the sender believe that he wasn’t her 18-year-old daughter, the angry mom refused to believe him. The texting went back and forth and along the way, the 35-year-old started to play along.

However, it wasn’t long before things quickly went south.

Seriously, take the hint lady!

No, I’m pretty sure he’s not headed to the store yet!

Nagging a 35-year-old man from Wisconsin isn’t cute either. Please take the hint.

Quick question, why didn’t this angry mom have her daughter’s number saved into her phone? Talk about parenting 1-0-1.

That’s so mean. Don’t punish your daughter! Seriously, have a conversation with the guy and let’s put this whole stupid ordeal to rest!

You canceled her credit card because you didn’t believe someone when they said it was a wrong number. Are you crazy?!

That man made a good point, shouldn’t she be at school and not the store?

Don’t get Jess into even more trouble!

You didn’t listen to him, he even gave you proof it wasn’t him. Why are you making it his fault?!

How can you sound sincere through texts?! I’m so confused!

This is just becoming cringe worthy.

He’s right, this is internet gold!

Don’t be rude, it’s not a good look for you honey.

I hope she doesn’t punish Jess for this.

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Credits: auntyacid