He Asks This Woman Why She’s Using a Handicap Parking Space. How She Responds Will MAKE You Question Humanity

Unless you’ve been living on a different planet, you know what a handicap parking space is for. These are priority spots that people who have genuinedisabilities have to use. Often the spaces are nearer the store entrance or just in a convenient place. Most of us would never dream of using one of these spaces, since it would deprive a disabled person. But then again, most of us are not this woman…

Watch  the full video here:

Credits: Ryan Favro | Auntyacid

When a passerby notices that this perfectly able-bodied woman has used the handicap parking space, he simply can’t stop himself from confronting her.

While filming the woman, he asks her if she is honestly handicapped or not. Of course, the woman shakes her head and smirks. It was obvious from the start of the video that she was NOT a genuine person with disabilities.


The man continues to ask her questions, but it is quite clear that the woman doesn’t want ANYTHING to do with him. “Back the f*ck off from my car” she keeps repeating while he is talking to her. The man merely tries to find out why she thinks that she has the right to use the space, but he is never going to get a straight answer.

You can also hear her saying:

If you film me, I’ll break your f*cking phone!

No wonder this woman doesn’t want to be filmed. She has broken the law by using the space, and now she is getting angry and aggressive at the man who is asking her why! The climax comes when the woman decides to throw her entire drink at the man. We can’t believe her behavior! First, she steals a parking space from handicapped people… Then, she assaults a complete stranger.

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