The Average Person Doesn’t Know You Can Do These 18 Epic Things Using Google

It’s hard to believe that prior to 1998, Google was not a part of our vocabulary. Now, it’s a noun and a verb – oh and it’s in the dictionary.

The popular search engine has changed the way we search for and discover new information. It’s also put an incomprehensible amount of knowledge at our fingertips. But, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you should know by now that there are a lot of other awesome things that the site can do.

Check out the coolest things that Google can do for you.

1. Deciding what to eat can be difficult when your counting calories. Google makes your decision much easier.

2. When you enter a company’s stock letter, Google shows you how that stock is currently trading.


3. You can find awesome fonts using Google Fonts, a public database of free fonts.


4. With Earth View from Google maps, every time you open a tab in chrome, you will see a beautiful, high-definition photo of a beautiful locale from around the world.


5. If you don’t have a stopwatch, Google can act as a timer, too.


6. You can also use reverse image search to find the source of a picture. Just upload the photo or drag and drop it.

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