Baby Has No Idea A Camera Is Rolling, What Dad Captures Has Everyone In Stitches [video]

There is the old saying in show business that an actor should never do a scene with babies or dogs because they will always steal the scene. Even a classically trained thespian should know better than to go up against the adorable unpredictability of animals and children.

Well, we just found an outrageous video that has both babies AND dogs in it, and you are going to die laughing when you watch the conversation between this talkative duo. And di we mention that we love doggies around here? Just sayin’.

In this anonymous video posted to social media site Facebook, we get to see what happens when a chatty baby and a particularly vocal husky decide to engage in conversation.

It has been watched thousands of times and people can not stop talking about it on the internet, saying things like:

“I owned one. You will know what they were saying if you listened. ‘Your baby needs you, get your butt over here, Its ok baby, I called mama.’”- Anon.

“I used to breed Siberian Huskies. Huskies are workers and they are usually only loyal to one master, and it is usually the one who feeds them. Huskies have sensitive ears and the babies tone is probably hurting it’s ears. You notice the dog isn’t very attentive to the baby nor playful, but is paying more attention to whomever feeds it. Huskies are not really good, friendly dogs for children. They usually only have one master. I’m not saying they will hurt people but they aren’t playful and fun for children unless you are out running. Then they are having fun.”- Jean Stone Mcbride

“Come and get your stinky bald puppy. It is becoming very very annoying.”- Olive Bullhorn

“The dog isn’t talking to the baby. It’s covering up the baby’s chatter with its vocalization in order to protect it. The dog is upset and impatient for the parents to secure the baby.”- anon

“I swear that dog is asking the parents to attend to the baby and quiet it. Or he’ll be forced to eat it.”- Stephanie Fredericks

“Husky: ‘I can do anything better than you!’ Baby: ‘No you can’t!’ Husky: ‘yes I can!’”- anon.

“I always had Siberian Huskies and that’s normal behavior for them to show they care,,the baby is in no danger at all. Siberian Huskies are the most gentle canines there are.”- Anon.

“dang you negative people are really hard on the husky. this is our third one and he gives me certain woofs, barks and body posture when he is hungry and wants his meal. then he gives me certain whines when he detects i am sad and lonely. and he protects me at night when i’m alone. God bless my husky!”- Anon.

“VERY CUTE!”- Rafael Montiel

“I think that the dog is actually telling Mom that her kid needs attention- ‘Hey silly human, your kid’s talking to you’”- Purple Puzzle

“We sing the ancient song of our people for you. Why aren’t you joining us?”- Anon.

“hahaha so who’s copying who?”- Anon.

Credits: danm923’s channel, awm

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