Beware! This Weed Is Growing In America And It Will Make You Go Blind

Did you know that hogweed not only causes severe blisters on your skin if you touch it but can also make you go blind?

While hogweed is an incredible plant, it grows to be 14-feet tall and has a green steam with reddish or purplish spots and has extremely attractive white flowers on top, do not be fooled. Hogweed is dangerously toxic.

Although the wild plant may look beautiful, it is one of the most dangerous weeds in America. And it keeps spreading to new states faster than it can be fought.

“Hogweed has a toxic compound in it that is sun sensitive,” Dr. Holly Phillips explained to CBS News. “So if you get the sap on your skin or in your eyes and are then exposed to light, it can cause very serious reactions.”

If you touch hogweed, experts suggest you wash your skin with water immediately and also make sure to flush your eyes with water. If you don’t,, you run the risk of blindness. After rinsing with water, you should seek further medical attention in case your exposure gets worse.

“It’s not deadly, but it can certainly cause you an awful lot of discomfort,” Calhoun County Environmental Health Director Paul Makoski stated, reports CNN.

Credits: AmericanOverlook

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, giant hogweed has been found in parts of Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Illinois, North Carolina, Washington and Oregon.

Hogweed is also a serious problem in the U.K.

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