Cat Refuses to Get On Board with Bath Time By Responding to His Owners with One Word

Even though cats love cleaning themselves, there are cases when their tongues are not enough.

Such as the instance involving Tigger, who had gotten covered in oil.

According to, this was Tigger’s first bath.

“I decided to give him the bath this day because he came in with a couple car oil stains on his back which he was unable to clean himself, nor would it have been healthy for him to lick the chemicals off.” Tigger’s owner writes on YouTube.

But Tigger wasn’t exactly happy with his owner’s decision to give him a bath, as he is heard pleading his case with screaming cries of “NOOOO!”

 “He may not have been happy about the bath, but it was for his own good.”

For his own good, and for that of his owners’ as well, as they seem to have had a pretty good laugh.

Credits: Liftbump | Video on YouTube