She Couldn’t Catch Her Cat, So She Asks Her Dog For Help. His Method Has Me Cracking Up

Getting large groups of people to agree on something has often been said to be “Like herding cats.” and we always thought that meant that herding cats were somehow a tricky thing.

But we just found a hilarious video in which a tiny little dog does just that. In the clip, the cat and dog are outside and the owner is trying to get them to come in from an approaching storm. The cat is ignoring the human’s pleas, and what the dog does next is comedy gold. You are going to laugh out loud when you watch this hysterical video.

In this video clip, we get to watch as a tiny dog, decides to give his human a helping hand in getting the family cat in from the rain. We have never seen a dog pick up and carry a cat like this before.

This video has become hugely popular on YouTube, where it has been viewed more than one and a half million times since being posted by Youtuber “Meanwhile, In Russia.” It has gotten over two thousand thumbs up, and hundreds of comments from viewers, who say things like:

“When I let my dog out at night, I tell her to find Sir. She brings Sir in with her. How she does it I’m not sure. But they’re best buds. Obviously SIR is my cat.”- Helen Jenkins

“I have never seen anything like this. just shows people say that dogs are brainless proof that they’re wrong have more brains than some people.”- Carol Lally

“well..if the cat didn’t like would have fought the dog and ran he or she trusts the dog and just went along with it.”- Lynda Hernandez

“So lovely to see two different species interacting together, and it proves just how caring they can be with each other irrespective of their differences! Humans could learn so much from animals!”- Susan Hoyle

“Dang! Cat appeared either stunned or resigned. Not sure to laugh or feel sorry for the cat. Kudos to the owner for such amazing training.”- Elizabeth Morrow

“Cat, will you get in the house so we can have dinner? .I’m hungry!”- Anu Yew

“the dog actually holds onto the cat’s leg so she doesn’t fall off.”- Anastasia 10017

“It must be a happy household with these two chums.”- Amazingdany

“Now that is a very good dog. And a very patient kitty. Great post, thanks so much for it.”- Anon.

“I was wondering at the beginning of the video how that small dog was going to bring that cat that is his same size home. Very funny,love it.”- Lea Haynie

“So cute, these two are great pals, the cat would have easily got away if it wanted to. Lovely video.”- Hazel Graham

“Dogs have masters Cats have servants and this one gets his servant to carry him.”- Jean Mackay

“This is the smartest and most inventive dog I’ve ever seen. Loved loved the video!”- Pam Schoppa

“the cat is like, ‘hey lets see where this is going, I might get a free meal out of this.’”- Arcolino

Credits: awm

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