Couple Says People Walk By And Think This Is A Bar, It’s Really Their Garage

Bryan and Jen Danger left their Portland, Oregon, home for about three years, first moving to British Columbia for Jen’s job and then enjoying a yearlong road trip south through Mexico and Central America.

They didn’t feel the need for their three bedroom home anymore, then they realized they had an empty garage. Instead of selling everything, they rented out their home and converted their garage into an incredibly chic tiny home.

During that time, they got rid of most of their belongings and rented out their early-1970s home.

“When we got back, we realized we wanted to be here a significant portion of the year but we couldn’t afford our mortgage, so we talked through the options,” Bryan says. “The garage became an ‘aha’ moment.”

Check out the video below:

Credits: HouzzTV

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