Crochet Donut Pillows Are The Stuff ‘Sweet’ Dreams Are Made Of

I love it when things are both comfy and cute and these crochet donut pillows are just that. While they won’t satisfy your sweet tooth, they will bring a bit of fun decor to your home. These donut pillows look good enough to eat! Their fun and bright colors would be a welcome addition to any home.

Take a look at these pillows and let me know what you think!

Donut pillows are perfect for a little girl’s room.

You can even get tons of free patterns online.

Look at this stack of comfy donut pillows!

I want them all! 
Pinterest | Olivia Clark

You can even make a giant floor poof, too!

Looks so good! I love those shoes, too! 

If you are a visual learner here is a great video to show you how to make your own donut pillow

Credits: DiplyOlivia Clark