Dad Is Beside Himself When 8-Month-Old Opens Her Mouth, Films It So You You’ll Believe Him

Like a baby’s first step, their first word is a milestone unlike any other. An hopefully it is a memorable and adorable time, which it always is unless her parents used one too many curse words around the infant.

Most often babies communicate first with words like “mama” or “dada” and as early as 7 months old. But sometimes little ones take a lot longer than that to start speaking. Sometimes it takes babies up to 18 months to speak intelligibly.

One baby, captured on video below, doesn’t quite know how to speak yet. But that’s not going to stop her from communicating with her dad and letting her know how she feels. Check it out below and tell us what you think in the comments!

Until babies learn to speak, they happily make nonsense noises which they expect us to understand. Like the baby who was challenged by a champion beatboxer, babies are eager to use their vocal abilities and challenge themselves to say new sounds all the time.

But in the video below, you’ll see the chatty little girl babbling loudly and unintelligibly to her dad in the red polo shirt.

A man practiced in feigning active listening (he is married to the baby’s mother after all), he knows exactly how to pretend like he understands every nonsense syllable streaming out of the girl’s mouth.

Dad tries to keep a straight face, but struggles after a few seconds. The little girl, who has a look of complete seriousness on her face, keeps going and eventually dad loses it.

He starts laughing and yet the girl keeps talking to him. She really wants him to understand what she is trying to get across – it’s almost like it is a matter of life and death.

According to the video description on “This adorable baby has got quite a lot on her mind! Lucky for her, Dad is right there to listen to everything that she has to say. We may not know what she’s saying, but boy does she sound excited!”

The video was originally published on the YouTube channel called “Kyoot Kids” and was titled “Aliens communicate through baby’s body.” When you check it out, you’ll agree that the title is not that far off from reality.

Viewers shared the following remarks on the viral video:

“I love the serious look on her face….like, “Listen to me dammit!””

“You tell ’em, little one! So darn adorable.”

“It sounds like she is speaking Tamil, maybe Spanish or Russian in a high pitched voice.”

“She is emulating all the sounds (chatter) that people make around her.  Chatter that makes no sense and is not understandable…. just like her’s.”

“What she really is saying is, ‘Now this is my diabolical plan to take over the world! You better get this all down, because I’m not repeating myself twice, puny mortals!’”

Credits: awm

What do you make of this little girl’s avid conversation? Is she cute or what?

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