Dad’s Turned His 4-Month-Old Into A Real-Life “Elf On The Shelf.” What Happens Next Is Hilarious

By now, most people have at least heard of “Elf on the Shelf.” The little elfin spy appeared in stores in 2005, with an accompanying book. In the book, authors Carol Aebersold and Chanda Bell describe how elves from the North Pole come to live with children from Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve.

They keep tabs on them and report back to Santa, which determines who makes the desired nice list or the dreaded naughty one. The fun stems from the elf moving each night to a new, often silly hiding spot for the children to find each morning.

While the new tradition has become a hit around the world, some parents have resisted, finding the elf creepy or just too much work.

That’s why one Utahan dad (who found the elf creepy, but the idea fun) decided to make the tradition decidedly adorable with his real-life son.

Alan Lawrence, after observing all his friends’ household elves, asked himself “What if it was a real elf?”

The answer? “Of course, being parents we already have the cutest little four-month-old. So we decided to make a fun series.”

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