A Dead Man Gets Two Obituaries In Same Paper: One From His Wife, One From His Girlfriend

There are many sneaky ways that scorned wives try and catch out their cheating husbands.

They may try and follow them around, or stalk their social media, or even hire a private investigator.

But sometimes, you see something that saves you all the hard work. This was the case when Leroy’s obituary was posting in the paper by both his “loving wife” and “longterm girlfriend”. Oh dear.

Leroy “Blast” Bill Black of Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, sadly died of lung cancer at just 55 years old on 2nd August. When a loved one dies it’s protocol to post an obituary in the local paper.

You may detail the time and location of the funeral, or just write a few kind words about your loved one.

This is exactly what Leroy’s wife went to do, expect Leroy’s unsuspecting girlfriend obviously had the same idea. Readers at first assumed it was an accidental double printing,  but then they realized the subtle yet important differences between the two obits.

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