This deer died from a hunting wound, but hunters found something remarkable when they opened him up

A deer recently hunted in Utah has risen to fame — or rather, his rib cage has — after an image of his ribs was uploaded to Facebook by the Utah Conservation Officers Association. While you might not notice it at first, this deer apparently lived for quite some time with an arrowhead stuck in his gut.

According to the Facebook post, the shot wasn’t fatal and the arrow broke off, but “the deer’s body used the arrow as a splint and the bone grew around the shaft.”

The image has gone viral with over 41,000 shares.

While the image did not identify whether the deer was finally brought down by another arrow or a bullet, we have to assume that it had to be something pretty powerful to kill this tough guy. From the appearance of the rib cage, it looks like the animal was dressed a while ago.

The successful hunter even took the time to frame this miracle of nature.