Did You Know Apple Cider Vinegar Could Do All Of This?! These Tips Are Life Changing!

Although it might be uncommon in many kitchens, apple cider vinegar has many uses that you probably never knew of.

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is widely acclaimed for its health benefits. It’s the perfect way to calm an upset stomach or soothe a sore throat.

But don’t worry, if you did not know this before, Shareably has you covered. We have compiled a list of uses for ACV that can greatly improve your life.


Upset Stomachs

When your stomach hurts after an unsettling meal, then use apple cider vinegar to soothe the pain. It even helps when you have mild food poisoning! Mix a tablespoon of ACV in a glass of water. Then sip slowly.


Weight Loss

Use ACV for weight loss. It can help you in your efforts by suppressing your appetite. You will feel more “full” after  a meal.


Lower Blood Pressure

If you struggle with high blood pressure, then studies have shown that mixing ACV with water will help lower blood pressure.


Sore Throat?

Do you have a sore throat? Then dilute ACV with water in a 1:4 ratio. Gargle this mixture for a few minutes and spit it out. ACV will help eliminate viruses and bacteria that are causing you discomfort in your throat.


Feeling The Cold

If you have symptoms of the common cold, then mix a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with warm water and sip it. Repeat the process every hour or so, and you will start to feel much better.


Improved Digestion

Want to wake up and start the day feeling fresh? Then try a early morning detox drink. Mix ACV, lemon, cinnamon, honey, and cayene pepper together for a great cleansing recipe. This mixture will help you clean your liver and speed up metabolism.

It is recommended to consume this mixture 3 times per day, 20 minutes before meals, for two weeks.


DIY Deodorant

ACV is great at neutralizing odors from your body. Mix 1/4 cup of ACV with water in a spray bottle. Then, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil for a nice fragrance.


ACV For Skin Care

If you have acne prone skin or sensitive skin, then ACV can be used to treat this. ACV can calm breakouts and rashes. It even works well on bug bites.

Dilute 2 tablespoons of ACV in 1 cup of water. Then apply this to your skin. Be sure to avoid your eyes!


DIY Hair Care

ACV can help with your hair care. Add a few tablespoons to a cup of water and use it as a final rinse. As always, be sure to keep your eyes closed. This mixture will help remove any buildup, and it will even seal the hair cuticle.

Do not rinse out the mixture; instead, leave the mixture in your hair and scalp. This will help dandruff and flakes from a dry scalp.


Treat Athlete’s Foot

An ACV foot bath is the perfect way to remove fungus from your feet. Soak your infected feet in ACV to relieve the symptoms of athlete’s foot. It also will help deodorize your feet!


Credits: shareably

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