Dog Runs Away Every Single Day. When Mom Discovers Where She Goes, She’s In Tears…

Here’s  a beautiful story about Dani and Saki (the dog). It shows there is hope for children and adults who need that special thing to complete them.

Dogs don’t judge. They have no prejudices. They just have open hearts, unconditional love to give.

It’s amazing how Saki knew that there was a little boy across the street that needed her. She figured a way to see him, just him, for a reason only she knew about. Dogs, and many animals are amazing like that, they have an extra sense that humans just don’t have. Dogs are smart, loyal, and they don’t judge. I wish Danny and Saki many happy, loving years together.

Thank goodness the representatives were compassionate enough to realize Saki had found what was lost and saved him. Thankful for people who have the patience, compassion and love for life to help those with special needs.

Check out the video below:

Animals make such a difference in so many peoples lives. So glad this family were able to give Saki a loving, forever home! Saki is still very young so he can grow up with Danny too.

Animals are very healing and should be recognized and used in this way.

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