When Famous Clydesdales Show Up To Their Farm, They Know Their Lives Are About To Change

There are very few corporate icons or symbols that are as beloved as Budweiser’s majestic Clydesdale horses. They have been the most recognizable brand ambassadors for more than one hundred years. Even in an era when the company is a global titan in its industry, these massive equines carry the brand message to the whole world.

We just found an incredible video on YouTube of the AB team delivering two tons of purina horse food to a very special ranch. As with every video featuring these horses, you are going to love this clip to tears when you watch it.

Teaming two classic St. Louis brands, Anheuser Busch and Purina, can only mean one thing: Midwestern style love.

This past November, Purina donated two tons of horse feed to Far View Horse Rescue in Colorado, and looked down the street to their neighbors at Anheuser Busch to deliver it for them.

In this amazing video, we get to see the world famous AB clydesdales trot to the rescue as they deliver the much needed feed to the shelter, just in time for winter.

This video has already been viewed more than two hundred and fifty thousand times and has received hundreds of comments from people, saying things like:

“what a wonderful thing and made it better and nicer with the feed accompanied with those beautiful horses I love to see anything that they are in.”- Wanda Schneider

“Thank you to all the volunteers, to Purina and Budweiser.”- Anon.

“Fantastic that Purina does this type of work with shelters! I had no idea. And the Clydesdales are superstars…Budweiser, well done.”- Irene

“This made my day! I am grateful for such kindness and generosity. AWESOME.”- Sue Montgomery

“A wonderful video couldn’t see the last bit through the tears.”- Anon

“These Clydesdales are always doing stuff that makes me cry.”- Texas3step

“never knew we had a horse rescue in my neighborhood. needless to say I was floored when the Clydesdales materialized like ghost from a dream coming up the road at me. I literally had to climb down off the backhoe and rub my eyes. the camera crew film some b-roll from my driveway and we’re very nice.”- Jaber Baber

“Hopefully people understand or find out that dogs, cats, rabbits and pot bellied pigs are not the only over bred animals being put down for lack of homes. Thousands of wonderful horses, mules and donkeys are also being slaughtered for the same reason. Please stop breeding while so many are dying.”- Suzy Winter

“How wonderful! Beautiful people who put in their time and effort for horses that might otherwise be slaughtered. Thank you lovely people!”- Karen Burrell

“It can heal a heart to know theses things can still happen in America, God Bless us all.”- Robert Bramley

“Thank you to the volunteers who kindly help these horses overcome their past.”- Judith Brooke

“Now that does a heart good!! Thank you Purina. No wonder we love you.”- Carol Huckabridge

What is your favorite memory of these American icons? What do you think can be done to help horses and other animals that need to be placed in rescue shelters? Share your stories and ideas with us here.

Credits: awm