This Father Turned His 6 Month Son Into A Naughty Leprechaun.

One of the best things about learning to use Photoshop is your ability to create things that make people smile!

That is exactly what Photoshop expert Alan Lawrence, had in mind when he decided to turn his 6 month old son Rockwell into a Leprechaun. With Saint Patrick’s Day just around the corner, he thought this would be the best choice of attire for his little boy.

His mom actually made the cute little costume and his father who is an art director and web-designer from Utah, placed his mini-model in various different poses and scenes before working his Photoshop wizardry.

Here we see little Rockewll with his pot of gold!


Even the family pet pooch joined in. 


And then Rockwell starts to get a little bit mischievous!


Here he is burying his pot of gold!


Brotherly love


Come on! Who prefers broccoli to candy? 


Argh Rockwell the Leprechaun has painted the whole house green!


Credits:  Imgur | Alan Lawrence | Auntyacid

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