Four Veterans Unveil Incredible Project To Get Homeless Vets Off The Street

The VCP is building a community of tiny houses for Kansas City veterans.

“The goal would be to get veterans straight off the streets and hand them the keys to their fully-furnished tiny house (stocked with food), without the veteran having to go through the hassles of waiting for gas, electric, deposits, inspections, and voucher processes,” writes VCP on their website.VCP is headed by four veterans who seek to bring dignity back into the life of vets experiencing the troubles of post-war life.


The goal? 50 houses, each at 240 sq.ft.

Over a half dozen organizations helped the VCP clear the land in which these 50 houses will be placed. The idea behind the close quarters living arrangement is not only cost but an ability to have the vets socialize with one another so they can work to be independent, together.“We would then stabilize them to educate and support them on reintegrating into society all while treating and addressing their housing barriers as we move them into permanent housing.”

via Fox 4 KC

The volunteers work on the VCP in their spare time.

The project is supposed to be move-in ready for winter of 2017. Granted, that’s a long time for a veteran living on the streets for the next 12 or more months, but this is a long-term project that seeks to have long-term results. “We do this on weekends, holidays, evenings, whenever we can,” said Chris Lawrence, who is providing some of the lumber used to build the tiny homes through an organization she helps run called 2x4s For Home. “We’re just trying to help make a difference. Little by little, one board at a time.”

via Fox 4 KC

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