From The Outside It Looks Like Any Other Backyard Shed, But One Step Inside And I Am FLOORED

More and more people every day are abandoning their high mortgages and house payments and instead opting for smaller, more confined but considerably cheaper quarters. Most call it the tiny house movement, it’s really just another step in human progress. Why take up thousands of square feet when you only stand on two?

Morristown Buildings is taking this idea to a whole new level by converting what was initially supposed to be a children’s playhouse into one of the most amazing tiny houses we’ve ever seen. Check out the inspiring images of this fabulous transformation below!


The playhouse was initially purchased for just over $5,000 and is a generous 14×28, so we aren’t talking about some little plastic shed here. The floor plan still reuqired some careful planning and refinement but with a little effort and some ingenius design this home came together like nothing before.

shed7 shed6

Inside you’ll find a full kitchen, complete with an industrial double sink. The fridge is generous and the microwave neatly stacked on a shelf but even with the small footprint this looks more spacious than a lot of city apartments.

shed5 shed4

The former shed also has all the comforts of a full home, like a fully-functioning shower, sink and toilet – more than a lot of tiny home owners can claim. A double bed can be found in the only bedroom, which is understandably cramped but has plenty of light thanks to a big window.


Incredibly, there are actually two floors to this home. Up top there isn’t a ton of space, but the loft-like environment would make a perfect office or guest bedroom for when friends spend the night.

shed2 shed1
Credits: Americanoverlook

Could you see yourself living in a tiny home like this one from Morristown Buildings? Share with us in the comments!