Give Your Garden A Hand With These Creative Planters

If springtime weather makes you want to get creative in the garden, you’re not alone. These amazing cement hand planters will show off your unique sense of style, and they come together in a snap!

Get It All Together

Before you get started, you’ll need dry concrete, a mixing bucket, plastic gloves, scissors, some pretty rocks, a dust mask, a gardening trowel and the plants of your choosing.


All Mixed Up

Put your dust mask on, then mix your dry cement according to the directions, making sure it looks smooth with no gritty bumps. Think cake batter consistency! When you’re done, it should look a little something like this…


Fill Your Gloves

Using a narrow gardening trowel, start scooping your cement mixture into the plastic gloves. The gloves you use for this should be durable, not the super thin, squared-off kind you’d use to make a sandwich. Then, wiggle the mixture down until the glove is full without air bubbles. Repeat this for a second glove. Take advice from the cement hand experts atDIY Fun Ideas.

“I squeezed the fingers of the glove to push the air out and then to get the cement to the bottom of the fingers you have to sort of ‘milk’ the fingers as if you were milking a cow.”

Hurry as you’re “milking,” because the cement will set very quickly. When you’re done, move onto the next step, which is the fun part!


Holding Hands

Once your gloves are filled and the cement starts to become a bit firm, cut along the pinky side of the two gloves. Squeeze a tiny amount of the cement out.


Shape And Press

Next, press the two pinky sides of the hands together so they merge as one solid piece. Shape the fingertips so that they’re in a natural cupping position and place a rock between the thumb and forefinger to keep them separated as they dry.


Patience And Peel

Your cement should be almost completely dry after about 30 minutes. If it’s not, wait until it is before moving onto the next step. If it is dry, open the gloves with scissors and peel off the plastic.


Take Them To The Garden

Once your hands are peeled, they’re ready to go in the garden! Fill them with durable succulents, pretty flowers and more.

Craft With Purpose

This quick craft is something that you can use in your garden year after year, or even give as as gifts for the plant lovers in your life. Seriously, how amazing does this look? And it costs next to nothing to make!

Credits: Faithtap