Group Of Criminals Target Elderly Man In The Park, But They Make One Brutal Mistake

When one elderly man was reading a book and minding his own business, his life and liberty were put at risk when a group of violent Baltimore thugs approached him and asked a question.

Because the 64-year-old white man was unable to give the group of Black Lives Matter ‘activists’ an answer they could accept, they began to respond with the only type of approach they could ever condone.

According to Mad World News, the unnamed victim was reading a book just outside of the John Hopkins University campus when three thugs approached him and began intimidating him. They asked him where they could exchange foreign money – and this elderly man tried to help…

He attempted to point them in the direction of the nearest money exchange store. But when the thugs though his was vulnerable, they went after what they really wanted.

One of the assailants put a gun to the man’s head. He demanded the victim’s money and belongings. That’s when another one in the group of attackers sprayed his face with pepper spray, effectively blinding him.

Because he had a gun to his face and was blinded, the 64-year-old victim struggled to remove the little cash he had on him from his wallet. Because he wasn’t giving up the goods fast enough, the third attack stabbed him in the lower back with a blade.

By the time the thugs were finished with him, the victim also been stabbed in the arm. $60 cash, his iPhone, and his North Face backpack were all stolen from him.

But one of the assailants, 18-year-old Zannay Laws wanted everyone on social media to know that she was remaining true to her firearm tattoo. To make the biggest impact, she streamed the attack in real-time on her Facebook page.

Not even the attacker’s friends could approve of this young woman’s attempt to murder this man for $60 and some belongings. Before long, concerned citizens reported the violent footage to the police. That’s when Baltimore PD put boots on the ground to locate Laws and one of her accomplices, 18-year-old Dakei Perry.

Because it was easy to identify the attackers, Perry and Laws have been arrested and are being held without bond. Officers are trying to identify the third and potentially fourth suspect.

But Perry, who was terrified of the police, confessed to another crime when he was arrested. That will now be tacked onto his charges.

What was his other crime? Well, Perry admitted that he and two other men called for a pizza with the intent to harm the delivery driver. When she arrived, they choked her until she lost consciousness. Then they robbed her and took the pizza without paying.

While the victim who survived the stabbing has remained unnamed, he is the real hero in this mess. Hopefully, these dangerous thugs will be in jail for years.

It seems like streaming crimes on social media is a new trend. Unfortunately for the bad guys, this makes it very easy for police to track them down and administer justice.

Credits: awm

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