He Escapes Duct Tape With One Simple Trick. The Result? Could Save Your Life One Day

No matter how much time passes as humanity continues forward, one big issue that was prevalent way back when that’s still a problem today, is kidnapping.

About the only thing about kidnapping that has changed from olden times, is the method in which it occurs. These days, a very popular tool being used is duct tape; it’s cheap, effective and has the ‘unbreakable’ stigma attached to it. No, we’re not encouraging you to go out and start kidnapping people, we’re here to help.

Thanks to this video, you won’t have to worry about falling victim to the sticky silver behemoth, as an expert is here to show you just how to escape from it in less than five seconds. It’s very simple, and can be done by just about anyone. It’s crazy to imagine that you could one day fall victim to a crime such as kidnapping, so most are never prepared when it does. Don’t let your safety be anything less than top priority, and learn how to escape the hold of duct tape down below!

Credits: Mark Doeing | Damn