Here Are 15 Cool Things You Probably Never Knew Your IPhone Could Do

Since the iPhone came on the scene, it’s revolutionized everything a smartphone is capable of doing. It makes calls, texts, emails, photographs, syncs up calendars, plays music, it’s almost like having a personal assistant right there in your pocket. While the iPhone is simple to use, there are incredible tricks, customizations and time-saving devices in there just waiting to be discovered.

Here are just a few of them.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

1. Lock your phone with words instead of numbers.


2. If you say, “Siri, read my e-mail,”¬†she’ll oblige.

Cult of Mac

3. Drag the text bubbles to the left to see the timestamp.

Anthony M

4. Siri will let you know what flights are overhead, in case you’re stuck at work wondering where you could be traveling right now.


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