Here’s The Reason Why You Should Never Type “Amen” On A Facebook Post

What’s wrong with typing “Amen” on Facebook?

Nothing, well, that’s what I originally thought until a friend warned me about what could happen as a result.

We all know someone on Facebook who regularly posts “Amen” on Facebook along with posts like  “I know you won’t ’Like’ this photo because I’m sick“ or ”Type ’Amen’ to heal me.“ It doesn’t harm anybody, so why should we avoid doing it ourselves?


We know no life can be spared or saved with a “like” and no illness can be cured by typing ”Amen”. But by doing so you’re showing your support.

Despite your good intent, by doing that you’re very likely to be helping Facebook spammers who want to make some easy money.


These types of manipulative posts are designed to trick and exploit people into liking, sharing, and commenting. This, in turn, results in the page collecting an awful lot of followers.

The creators of the page then spread malicious publicity, viruses, and scams.

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