Here’s A Test Experts Claim Only People With Perfect Vision Can Pass. Think You Can? Try Now

When it comes to flying a plane, everyone knows pilots need to have great vision. If they can’t see well how are we supposed to put our lives in their hands? I certainly wouldn’t trust a pilot with just “okay” vision.

Below we have a quiz that puts your vision through the test. Do you have what it takes to be a pilot? You can find out in just a couple of minutes just by taking the simple vision test below and you might be very surprised by the results.

When your vision is as strong as a pilot’s you can analyze situations quickly and respond to what is in front of you. Do you have what it takes to become a pilot or in this case, the vision skills that it takes to become a pilot?

If you do not pass, remember that not everyone has near-perfect vision. Why do you think it’s so hard to become a pilot or an astronaut? Don’t get down on yourself if you do not get the best results.

Take the quiz and SHARE your results. If you wear glasses, you may chose to take the test with or without wearing your glasses. You might even want to take the test once with your glasses on and a second time with your glasses off and compare the results. Then you’ll find out if your glasses are really working for you.


Be honest, how did you do? Did you pass? Did you fail? Are you happy with your results? Are your results what you expected? No matter your results, challenge your friends to this ultimate vision test today and see how they compare! Let’s see who has what it takes (vision wise) to become a pilot and who doesn’t! Let’s also see who lies about their results and who tells the God’s honest truth! You might be very surprised how your friends react.

Then CHALLENGE your friends to take this vision test!

Credits: awm