He Holds Chloroform Over A Child’s Mouth And Walks Away. Now Watch How People Reacts…

Did you know that in China alone there are over two-hundred-thousand different cases of missing children each year?

That’s just a single country and its still more people than most other countries have in their army! Where all of these poor kids end up going is little less than a mystery, but how does the public feel about it?

In the video below YouTuber DAPENGPRANK performs a social experiment in front of a wide range of witnesses in differing public venues where he pretends to kidnap a little boy with a chloroform washcloth. Especially being in the middle of daylight there’s no way every random passerby would allow that, right?

Credits: DapengPrank | Damn

Sadly, it seems there’s not much more they’ll do than stare off with a shocked or worried face. Forget chasing the guy down who is carrying off a screaming child, let’s show concern on our faces instead. Something has got to change or we’ll be too self-obsessed as a species to worry about each other for good.